Wind Portal

Installation mirroring the wind intensity of the world’s first floating wind farm in Hywind Scotland. Oslo 2017 Statoil / Clear Channel / Production : animasjons departementet   […]

ExpoTypo / RATP

Vintage bus and métro signage exhibition in La maison de la RATP. Paris, June 2017 – RATP / C-Album / La Fabrique des Créateurs.   […]


Engineering and realisation of an “on-site ephemeral” signage for Fondation Fiminco / un week end d’exposition ephémère  designed by the c-album agency.  […]

Closing Avd. Frysja

The last tribute to the Oslo Frysjaveien 42 building, soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth, after more than 60 years of service. […]

Scale Paint

Preparing some paint machines and devices for the definitive closing performance at AvdFrysja Studio end of February 2016, meeting the scale factor in the process… […]

Workshop MisB aux Amandiers

“The Misbehavior of Animated Objects” workshop and the MisB Kit was developed for the TEI 2014 conference in relationship to the MIT Medialab–Tangible Media Group.   […]

Corps 1 : Guy Debord

Corps 1 : Guy Debord gathers in one single book, thanks to an extreme font-size reduction, the complete work of 70 authors, listed in Guy Debord’s Literary Geography (1974). […]


The XYZT exhibition is a raving laboratory of experiments conducted by the compagnie AmCb around the synthesis of movement and anamorphic, landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and metaphors in motion. […]


Monumental installation for the Avec Motifs Apparents exhibition at the 104, Paris by Xavier Juillot. A whole building is wrapped in aluminium foil and vacumed like a coffee pack. 104, Paris 2014 […]

Mémoire courbe

Evolutive showcase in the RATP headquarters into the heritage department, where every exhibition sees a new installation with video and photo materials from the parisian metro archives, light, machines, uniforms, 1st war, tramway… […]


Anamorphic light cube sign for the launching of the new Primonial identity at the Rochefort Castle, France 2010 […]

Canson® Price

Scenography for the inauguration of the Canson® price in Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. Paris, June 2010 […]