Légumes de saisons, racines et redoncules… How does one thing stand on its foot, how do you ground things? Researches around a modular organic standing system for lights and house artefacts. Oslo 2016 / Stone, steel, glass, wood […]

Atelier 80 / Jarrystan

The Atelier 80 is a studio – workshop – design bureau installed in a 90 years old industrial building in Vincennes, near Paris, France. House for various creations by Brice Lartigue, Camille Perrotin, Martin Gautron and a few others, […]


Online network drawing game to be played on “arcade” terminals or on internet on Drawzone.  V1 launched in the ParisZone@dream festival at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2012 […]

Atelier Romainville

The workshop 3.0 located in Romainville, near Paris. Laboratory / production center, home of creations like L’enfer de la BnF , Corps 1, Ring Saga and many others, from 2008 to 2012. To see other workshops : Atelier 80, Avd Frysja, Villa Gournay […]

Multitouch tables

Built around devices developed for live performances, installations, XYZT appear like a raving laboratory experiments conducted over the past 4 years by the collective am-cb around the synthesis of movement. […]

Luth making

Raw acoustic devices making, and playing. From contrebassines to caddie-violin all through unexpected materials and items, […]