Little Norway

Client GrilstadYear 2023Producer filmagencyosloMaterials Foam, paint, wood, […]

The Chair

Client Volkswagen / Year 2022 / Producer _DEPT / Materials AllFunctions pedal drive, headlight, side blinkers, horn, media player, stereo speakers, seat belt, back storage compartment, embroidered headrest, height adjustable, backing camera with sensors The making of the chair, at Hakimaki Studio, Oslo, Norway.    Filmography, edit : OIOIOI  Some of the international press reviews : […]


Painting of an artefact made for a Röyksopp music video / Production : Bacon Oslo / Art Direction : Lewis Rainsburry / special thanks to Martin Engh – ADP […]

The Chocolatery

The making of a stop motion film set for a Freia campaign, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Production : ____DEPT / Direction : Martin Engh / Set Design : Martin Engh, Stian Korntved Ruud, Martin Gautron […]

Origami Bug

Origami insect made for a Vipps campaign, promoting the use of digital invoicing to protect an “endangered paper animal”. Natural Museum History of Oslo / 2019 […]

Volvo 240 1/2

Half scale model car VOLVO 240 for the Snutshow TV show pilot. Production ADP / making : S. Korntved Ruud – Martin Gautron – ADP / OSLO 2019 […]


This automated Castelet is part of the last @henigolsen campaign directed by @johnchristus / Production : animasjons departementet / Engineering and making @martingautron […]

RGB 50

Parametric Light sign, design and made for director Marc Reisbig for an Elkjop campaign, produced by ADP. Features 2 separate RGB channels with a home-brewed arduino controller… The arduino controller V1 with its custom shield A little bit outside the range of the “normal use” of that amazing product : Pro Flex Neon (I wish … Continue reading RGB 50 […]


Illuminated set made for a stop-motion video by director Martin Engh for an NSB campaign, produced by ADP […]


Autonomous mini Castelets and Automates made for a Mc*****d campaign. Direction : Martin Engh / production : animasjons departementet  […]

Christmas drones

After the successful making of a cake with drones, here is the dressing of a Christmas tree for a Telia campaign. […]

Drone Pastry

Drones performing the making of a cake, challenged by a Telia commercial. […]


Models sets for pop up cities and urban evolution in stop motion for an Obos commercial. See the making off hereDirection : Ole Magnus Saxegård / Production : animasjons departementet // Production Design : Martin GautronSpecial thanks to Fellesverkstedet […]


Functional 5 stories zoetrope made for a Vitus Apotek commercial Director – Designer : John Christian Ferner Apalnes  / Production : Animasjonsdepartmentet / Engineering  : Martin Gautron […]