Jolly Pillow Roger

The fix of the day, birthday present for a little pirate. White acrylic on black cotton, 27 x 18 cm / 1h […]

Corps 1 : Guy Debord

Corps 1 : Guy Debord gathers in one single book, thanks to an extreme font-size reduction, the complete work of 70 authors, listed in Guy Debord’s Literary Geography (1974). […]


Scale one styrofoam statue used as a prop for a Bremykt commercial. One piece, hand carved. […]


Online network drawing game to be played on “arcade” terminals or on internet on Drawzone.  V1 launched in the ParisZone@dream festival at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2012 […]


Anamorphic light cube sign for the launching of the new Primonial identity at the Rochefort Castle, France 2010 […]

Canson® Price

Scenography for the inauguration of the Canson® price in Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. Paris, June 2010 […]


For the 2009 edition of the Science Fest in Paris, at the foot of the Pantheon monument, a serie of props and sculptures where used the embody some “on the edge of science” questions, during an event where publics and scientists got to discuss those questions. […]

Opensailing model

Opensailing aims to design and invent future lifestyles to overcome any possible natural and manmade disasters stimulating people’s ingenuity and sense of solidarity.  […]

Luth making

Raw acoustic devices making, and playing. From contrebassines to caddie-violin all through unexpected materials and items, […]


Untiltled, 1 ex. / steel, aluminium, wood, foam, cardboard, 16×10 cm     […]