Painting of an artefact made for a Röyksopp music video / Production : Bacon Oslo / Art Direction : Lewis Rainsburry / special thanks to Martin Engh – ADP […]

Jolly Pillow Roger

The fix of the day, birthday present for a little pirate. White acrylic on black cotton, 27 x 18 cm / 1h […]

Ben Reddik

Front sign of the Ben Reddik restaurant in Olso, Markveien. 2018 / 250 x 180 cm / Tiles, Plywood, Composite Panel / featuring P. Bakken […]


Engineering and realisation of an “on-site ephemeral” signage for Fondation Fiminco / un week end d’exposition ephémère  designed by the c-album agency.  […]

Closing Avd. Frysja

The last tribute to the Oslo Frysjaveien 42 building, soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth, after more than 60 years of service. […]

Scale Paint

Preparing some paint machines and devices for the definitive closing performance at AvdFrysja Studio end of February 2016, meeting the scale factor in the process… […]

DNB / Veksle Valuta

Painting monuments icons with coins for a DNB campaign showcased in Oslo airport. Production : animasjonsdepartementet / realisation : Martin Gautron                   […]

Mille milliards de peintures

Since 2008 / Online software by Flash-gear  / Identified painters : Raphaël Denis, Gabriel Léger, Adrien Lécuru, Martin Gautron / Anonyms [slideshow_deploy id=’2823′]   Extracts from collaborative painting sessions on a remote platform that made one painting becoming thousands, through years, with dozens of participants. This prototype was followed by the arcade version of the … Continue reading Mille milliards de peintures […]

Life Suits

The life suits tells the story of 2 frenchmen in New Orleans, USA . It is the witness of their adventures and highlights, from day one to day 50 (Mardi-Gras) translated into icons and dispatched chronologically on a raincoat, worn during the 2011 edition … Adrien Lécuru / Martin Gautron  / one each by own hand […]

Projet K

Laboratory of co-creation by le Collectif Anonyme during residency at Augerville la Rivière / Ateliers du Spectacle. Asking ourselves how we can share the pictural space and a 2+hands creation. Eventually leading to the Google Art installation. Paris, Augerville la Rivière, 2006 [slideshow_deploy id=’2696′] The Google Art edition / 49 pages, 10 ex. / Download the pdf /  mouse over … Continue reading Projet K […]

André Mazet Fresco

Fresque painting in a flat in Paris, 2006. Acrylic, 4 hands. The scene is composed from the different views of the apartment, and borrows elements and details from the surroundings. […]

Mon Grand-Père est mort

Illustration researches for the Karim Ressouni-Demigneux children book Mon Grand-Père est mort  Editions Rue du Monde, 2003 […]