#001 / 180x240x260 / HDF – megapixels – Arduino – NE555 / 2021 […]

Ben Reddik

Front sign of the Ben Reddik restaurant in Olso, Markveien. 2018 / 250 x 180 cm / Tiles, Plywood, Composite Panel / featuring P. Bakken […]


Engineering and realisation of an “on-site ephemeral” signage for Fondation Fiminco / un week end d’exposition ephémère  designed by the c-album agency.  […]

Closing Avd. Frysja

The last tribute to the Oslo Frysjaveien 42 building, soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth, after more than 60 years of service. […]

Avd. Frysja

Avd Frysja is a co-working platform that took as a beta site an old printing factory in Oslo, Norway. The company aims to gather energies in shared workspaces and help individuals and buisnesses to develop networks and capacities in its nest. It values activities such as design, art, cooking, cultural events, sports… […]

Atelier 80 / Jarrystan

The Atelier 80 is a studio – workshop – design bureau installed in a 90 years old industrial building in Vincennes, near Paris, France. House for various creations by Brice Lartigue, Camille Perrotin, Martin Gautron and a few others, […]


Apartment renewal, new footprint, kitchen, furnitures… / Private commission, Paris 2009 […]

Delta Stairs

Design and realisation of a metal – glass – wood platform, and stairs for a loft in Paris, France. 2012 Private Comission / Ase Products agency / Design and realisation : Brice Lartigue + Martin Gautron, Atelier 80   […]

Atelier Romainville

The workshop 3.0 located in Romainville, near Paris. Laboratory / production center, home of creations like L’enfer de la BnF , Corps 1, Ring Saga and many others, from 2008 to 2012. To see other workshops : Atelier 80, Avd Frysja, Villa Gournay […]

Leon Frot

Apartment renewal, wooden floor, kitchen, furnitures… Private commission, Paris 2006 […]