Scale Paint

Preparing some paint machines and devices for the definitive closing performance at AvdFrysja Studio end of February 2016, meeting the scale factor in the process…

When you paint an entire room : 2000m2 of floor and walls and ceiling, you want to rethink completely your set of tools and techniques, you’re gonna feel the weight of the paint, it’s gonna rain it. And to spread around half a ton of paint can also be a good pictural challenge… And a safety one

The first device, version one : a spinner, made out of an old miter saw, with a disk than spinning at high speed in a bucket of paint, here is pictured the first test :

and back to the bench for waisting too much paint.

Then we tried the brutal force with heavy load springs and some forklift parts, the catapult… As guessable it shoots pretty far but the load works best around 1L, it also needs some work on the paint release system of ammunition.

We also had to try the infamous fire extinguishers which turned out to be unsurprisingly one of the bests tools for the job, they are like giant spray cans. Our medium ones can holds up to 8L of paint, and the large one takes up to 25L.

The large one has been modified with the adding of a pressure gauge in the back. All those devices carry a potentiel hazardous threat that we’ve been taking seriously.

Safety always comes first…

Photo : Cato Aurtun

Among other devices we have the pendulum paint, with loads of paint leaking in different matrices, dripping in motion, creating patterns. Here in circles for instance :

Here are a few different versions of the spinner :