Waste For Warmth

The Waste For Warmth project was formed to help displaced people deal with harsh winter conditions. The idea? To turn plastic waste into winterization solutions. The team used design thinking to gather further insights and improved the prototype with iterative user tests.
We contributed to a design development workshop prior to testing the first prototypes in real conditions in winter in Norway.

Waste For Warmth / Engineers Without Borders / Field Ready / Polyfloss Factory

We used the 2 main standards of tents provided in refugee camps for experimenting, in our space.

How to contain the Polyfloss to make soft panels and confer some fireproofing from the containing material

One of the outputs of the workshop : polyfloss “panels” for internal and external insulation, used both on tents and houses.

First live tests for measurements outside the Technical Museum in Oslo, winter 2021

Prototyping a floor tiles system, compression molded from plastic waste.

Here is the first generation of floor tiles developed later in production.

August, 2020

Waste For Warmth