RGB 50

Parametric Light sign, design and made for director Marc Reisbig for an Elkjop campaign, produced by ADP.
Features 2 separate RGB channels with a home-brewed arduino controller…

The arduino controller V1 with its custom shield

A little bit outside the range of the “normal use” of that amazing product : Pro Flex Neon (I wish I could have seen that meeting where they got the name) you are not supposed to solder them like shown here, but rather use the “dedicated” connectors that costs you a few extra coins, but mostly extra space… These are meant to replace neon and based on RGB power leds glowing through an elastomer sandwich (24V)

And coating the connections with some hot glue trimmed once cold

This is the manufacturers making sure that you know what you’re doing

And the second line of led strips, much more conventional, but forced in a very narrow groove…

The controller Version 2, with 2 separate channels, and some¬†much needed heat sinking…

August, 2018

RGB 50