Miniature set and props for a DNB Commercial,  Oslo 2015 Direction : Martin Engh // Production : animasjons departementet // Production Design and making : Martin Gautron The roughly post-produced film sample : […]

Misbehaviors Toolkit

“The Misbehavior of Animated Objects” workshop and the MisB Kit was developed for the TEI 2014 conference in relationship to the MIT Medialab–Tangible Media Group […]


Production design, engineering and making of a Unibet commercial’s set, Oslo April 2015. Agency : DDB / Direction : Lucas Zanotto / Production : animasjons departementet […]


Précis de performances visuelles éphémères et d’outre-sol. The book that tells the stories of several experimental urban communication projects undertaken with the C-album agency : Pharaon à Pyramides, St-Michel et le Dragon , L’enfer à croix-rouge and the Métroscope… […]


The XYZT exhibition is a raving laboratory of experiments conducted by the compagnie AmCb around the synthesis of movement and anamorphic, landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and metaphors in motion. […]


Scale one styrofoam statue used as a prop for a Bremykt commercial. One piece, hand carved. […]


Models design for the movie and installation World brain, conducted by Gwenola Wagon and Stéphane Degoutin, nogoland.com. An infintite data center reduced to a 1/5th scale hosting living mice, also exhibited as an installation. […]


Apartment renewal, new footprint, kitchen, furnitures… / Private commission, Paris 2009 […]

Sahara Pink E.P

New record from DJ Absurd on Kiosk Records imprint sets new musical landscapes for the Parisian producer. […]


Online network drawing game to be played on “arcade” terminals or on internet on Drawzone.  V1 launched in the ParisZone@dream festival at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2012 […]

Delta Stairs

Design and realisation of a metal – glass – wood platform, and stairs for a loft in Paris, France. 2012 Private Comission / Ase Products agency / Design and realisation : Brice Lartigue + Martin Gautron, Atelier 80   […]

Atelier Romainville

The workshop 3.0 located in Romainville, near Paris. Laboratory / production center, home of creations like L’enfer de la BnF , Corps 1, Ring Saga and many others, from 2008 to 2012. To see other workshops : Atelier 80, Avd Frysja, Villa Gournay […]