Lascaux digital prototypes

Protoypes for the interactive scenography in the contest for designing the Lascaux 3 parietal art museum. Competition contracting authority : Dordogne region ,France   /  Direction : Reciproque / Enginery : Martin Gautron   […]


Online network drawing game to be played on “arcade” terminals or on internet on Drawzone.  V1 launched in the ParisZone@dream festival at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2012 […]


A la recherche du temps perdu

Corps 1 : À la recherche du temps perdu gathers in one single surface, thanks to an extreme font-size reduction, the complete book from Marcel Proust (1913). […]

Life Suits

The life suits tells the story of 2 frenchmen in New Orleans, USA . It is the witness of their adventures and highlights, from day one to day 50 (Mardi-Gras) translated into icons and dispatched chronologically on a raincoat, worn during the 2011 edition … Adrien Lécuru / Martin Gautron  / one each by own hand […]

Canson® Price

Scenography for the inauguration of the Canson® price in Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. Paris, June 2010 […]


  L’imédiat is an hybrid stage play, at a crossroad between physical theatre, performance and circus. Here are the props and set with electrical and mechanical features to be live-controlled by the actors. […]


For the 2009 edition of the Science Fest in Paris, at the foot of the Pantheon monument, a serie of props and sculptures where used the embody some “on the edge of science” questions, during an event where publics and scientists got to discuss those questions. […]


Installation with magazines for a special edition launching of Blackpool, culture and lifestyle magazine. Hundreds of those were cut to form letters for a whole alphabet of readable characters,  Paris 2009 […]


Stage play written and performed by Jean-Claude Leguay, Christine Murillo and Grégoire Oestermann. Xu is a dictionary of “little annoying  things” that has been brought to stage with the help of some little annoying set and props, all remote controlled. […]

Luth making

Raw acoustic devices making, and playing. From contrebassines to caddie-violin all through unexpected materials and items, […]


Untiltled, 1 ex. / steel, aluminium, wood, foam, cardboard, 16×10 cm     […]