Cover All [WIP]

The last tribute to the Oslo Frysjaveien 42 building, soon to be wiped out from the face of the earth, after more than 60 years of service. From a traditional printing house to a “state of the art” co-working space, hosting hundreds of cultural projects, this place will be missed and the Cover all project intends to … Continue reading Cover All [WIP] […]

Scale Paint

Preparing some paint machines and devices for the definitive closing performance at AvdFrysja Studio end of February 2016, meeting the scale factor in the process… […]

Workshop MisB aux Amandiers

“The Misbehavior of Animated Objects” workshop and the MisB Kit was developed for the TEI 2014 conference in relationship to the MIT Medialab–Tangible Media Group.   […]

Corps 1 : Guy Debord

Corps 1 : Guy Debord gathers in one single book, thanks to an extreme font-size reduction, the complete work of 70 authors, listed in Guy Debord’s Literary Geography (1974). […]


The XYZT exhibition is a raving laboratory of experiments conducted by the compagnie AmCb around the synthesis of movement and anamorphic, landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and metaphors in motion. […]


Models design for the movie and installation World brain, conducted by Gwenola Wagon and Stéphane Degoutin, An infintite data center reduced to a 1/5th scale hosting living mice, also exhibited as an installation. […]

Mille milliards de peintures

Since 2008 / Online software by Flash-gear  / Identified painters : Raphaël Denis, Gabriel Léger, Adrien Lécuru, Martin Gautron / Anonyms   Extracts from collaborative painting sessions on a remote platform that made one painting becoming thousands, through years, with dozens of participants. This prototype was followed by the arcade version of the game : … Continue reading Mille milliards de peintures […]

Mémoire courbe

Evolutive showcase in the RATP headquarters into the heritage department, where every exhibition sees a new installation with video and photo materials from the parisian metro archives, light, machines, uniforms, 1st war, tramway… […]


Online network drawing game to be played on “arcade” terminals or on internet on Drawzone.  V1 launched in the ParisZone@dream festival at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris 2012 […]


A la recherche du temps perdu

Corps 1 : À la recherche du temps perdu gathers in one single surface, thanks to an extreme font-size reduction, the complete book from Marcel Proust (1913). […]

Life Suits

The life suits tells the story of 2 frenchmen in New Orleans, USA . It is the witness of their adventures and highlights, from day one to day 50 (Mardi-Gras) translated into icons and dispatched chronologically on a raincoat, worn during the 2011 edition … Adrien Lécuru / Martin Gautron  / one each by own hand […]


This event took part in the 2010 Nuit Blanche edition in Paris. The Arts Décoratifs school gave a unique visual performance into an abandoned metro station : St Martin. […]

Multitouch tables

Built around devices developed for live performances, installations, XYZT appear like a raving laboratory experiments conducted over the past 4 years by the collective am-cb around the synthesis of movement. […]

L’enfer à Croix-Rouge

L’enfer à Croix Rouge is a whole cultural event, from museography to urban signage, alternative communication and graphic design, around a major Bibliothèque nationale de France exhibition release in Paris : L’enfer, […]

Quel Cirque

Preliminary design for scenography and signage of the Quel cirque workshop exhibition around Calder’s work at the Centre Pompidou,  children gallery, with the Paolini design agency, Paris, august 2009 […]